Who is Bob?

Ok, so who the heck is this Bob guy anyways? We get that question a lot and your first hint is that Bob isn’t just a he. Well, he is a he, but he’s not JUST a he. Confused yet?

Bob is collective pen name, or nom de plume if we want to get fancy and French, used by a group of bloggers and experts (semi-experts?) in their collective fields. We collaborate on the site and it is a side project (aka side hustle for all you Millennials) that we do

We use the pen name and blog anonymously for a few different reasons, but primarily because the internet is full of crazy people and we don’t like dealing with lots of them, and writing anonymously makes that WAY easier on our writers.

Also, since most of us have existing blogs and sites we run, we’d like the idea of being able to respond and write without having to cater to existing audience. It’s liberating. Hey, it work’s for JK Rowling, why can’t it work for us?

So What’s Your Motive?

Ugh, that sounds so sinister, like we are trying to organize a diamond heist. Can we change motive to goal instead? Awesome, thanks.

Our goal is to provide answers to questions and provide information on topics that aren’t already covered 1,000 other places online.

Or in other instances the information is out there, but it is scattered across countless sites and takes a good bit of research. In those cases our goal is to provide resources that compile all the information about a given topic or question in one easy to read article.

Can I Be A Bob?

Possibly, yes. We always are looking for guest posting opportunities for your blog or simply consider your self an expert and have an itch to write then visit our contact page and drop us a line. You can choose to write using the Bob pen name or publish work using your own name.

To be considered as a writer please submit 2 article ideas when you contact us and link to at least one piece of content that you have written. Please do not spam us with requests to write about any spammy things. We accept only unique content that is relevant and similar to the other pieces of content you find on our site.